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Build your Knowledge Base

Build great content for your knowledge base with images, videos and links, provide a deeper understanding of your content with case studies and allow your team to download version controlled documentation.

Support your Team

Help your team get the most from their Knowledge Base by providing excellent support. From general information in FAQs, to specific support questions, and the ability to ‘Ask an Expert’, your Caybee Knowledge Base will become a trusted source of information that all the team will want to use.

Training for your Team

Whether it’s self-directed learning that allows your Users to explore at their own pace, or required information that they must learn, Caybee provides a flexible and fun way for your team to learn. Motivate learning with awards and keep a track on learning progress through the dashboard.

Keep on top of the game

Caybee provides you with a unique Knowledge Base that reflects your organisations processes, methods and terminology. Keep this updated from direct User feedback and share the news with the team to get even greater benefits and competent staff.

Simple to administrate

Build and Maintain your Caybee system easily with it’s great administration functions. Flexible admin permissions mean you allocate responsibilities to those who need them, and easily keep your systems controlled and updated. Caybee sends notifications to users of updates via their Dashboard, so they are always on top of the news!

Enhance your Brand

Ensure Users associate your Brand with quality learning and development in Caybee. Enhance your branding with the colour pallettes and logos in your Knowledge Base. Relax with great security and protection.

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